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Welcome to Split !

Welcome to the mobile tour of the Diocletian's Palace !

I am the Storytellerguide and through this guided tour of the Diocletian’s Palace you will hear its story.
Most of our visitors have heard of the Palace, but usually expect the tour of the Palace to be, like a visit to the museums and galleries, accessible only with an entrance fee.
On the contrary, the Diocletian’s Palace is a unique archaeological site, it’s not a cemetery, but a living monument, and even though it is a monument of one Emperor it does not capture only a single moment in time.
Namely, the Palace is, to this day, inhabited by its citizens, used as a home and preserved from ruin. Many abandoned houses in rural areas around the world have turned into ruins, as where there is no life there is no home.
Our tour of the Palace – the unique living monument, is special as this Palace is today a home to poor, middle class and rich citizens.
Centuries have brought changes, and those changes have made the Palace stronger, writing the stories of its citizens within the walls. Today we will share one of those stories with you.

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