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Sydney is a city full of exiting shopping opportunities and possibilities, but if you can only fit in one shopping expedition during your stay, make sure it’s on Oxford Street. This famous thoroughfare is on the south east side of the central business district and encompasses some of Australia’s best known designers and fashion boutiques. The retail strip stretches for miles, and in addition to the leading designers with their flagship stores is a generous smattering of high street chains and independent boutiques. Away from the clothing racks, you will also find home ware stores and shops selling books, gifts, jewelry and music. The choice and quality of goods is everything you’d expect from a prestigious shopping destination. Leading off the street are several roads which also contain a number of stylish boutiques. Shop by day or night as many of the stores stay open until late. If you are looking to purchase high-end outfits, you will find a strong concentration of upscale fashion shops east of Hyde Park Barracks in Paddington. When you want to relax, treat yourself to a meal in one of the restaurants. You may even want to stretch out in Centennial Park, a large public space at the eastern end of Oxford Street.

1) Oxford Street
2) Oxford Street
3) 56 Oxford Street, G A Zink & Sons
4) Oxford Street
5) 175 Oxford Street, Stonewall Hotel
6) Oxford Street, Taylor Square
7) Oxford Street, Taylor Square
8) Oxford Street
9) Oxford Street
10) Oxford Street
11) Oxford Street

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