Why self-guided mobile tours and electric bicycles make a nice pair

I like pairings. Some of my favorites from the world of food are:

  • Dried Turkish figs with cream cheese, and cold mint tea. Try it. Lovely.
  • A dram of good bourbon (one rock) with a handful of smoked almonds. Yum.
  • And a Bavarian classic ~ the traditional breakfast ~ delicate weisswurst, a crusty pretzel with salt, a dollop  of sweet mustard, and a pint of golden lager, very crisp, dry, and light on the alcohol. Mein Gott in Himmel! Heaven.

But there exists another fabulous pairing from the world of cycling that rivals our culinary examples, and one that provides tourists the opportunity to travel on their own time, and at their own pace. I speak of the pairing between mobile tours and e-bikes.

You already know the joys of e-bikes or you wouldn’t be here. But in case you are unfamiliar with mobile tours, let me explain.

Mobile tours are simply self-guided audio tours that run on your mobile phone. Tap a button and you hear the story. You can start and stop mobile tours whenever you want, tour on your own schedule, and even hear tours in different languages. It’s like a professional tour guide in a box.

Human guided tours on e-bikes are a thrill, and I always enjoy the sparkle and warmth of a personal guide. But in case your tour guide’s schedule doesn’t fit your customers, or there is a language barrier, or your customer wants to go deeper into a story they hear first from your guide, self-guided mobile tour apps offer a solution.

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