Understanding how technology is transforming the tourism and travel industries

I Peered Through an Electric Vortex

As we older adults age and our mobility decreases, light electric vehicles like the ones I saw in the electric vortex will keep us out there in the big world, exploring, learning, practicing our balance, meeting people, stimulating our brains and bodies, and experiencing peak life experiences well into our sunset years.

How a Volcano in Guatamala Changed My Perspective

Light e-vehicles alone won’t save the world, but they are a start. Every time one of us makes the conscious choice to walk, pedal a bike, or ride an e-bike or e-scooter, we are doing our small part to affect change. That’s good for the planet.

The future of single purpose mobile tourism apps

This is the fifth and final of the series called "Invasion of The Things: How to Prepare Your Tourist Location for the Coming Mobile Apocalypse," where I cover: How the things that make up your tourist location, like statues and historical buildings, can "talk" to...

How to tour America through her music

I have long been intrigued by the idea of using American music as a way to tour the United States of America, and as a way to understand the country better. This article is one example of how that might be done.

An Uber/Lyft Tourism Fairy Tale

We need tours designed for a vehicle that is not too large, and not too small, but perfect for parties of four to six people (like youraverage family.) In other words, we need tours designed for cars. But I have good news! Goldilocks is about to be rescued…by the Uber driver.