Let's Build the Perfect Smartphone Tour!

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What You'll Learn:

  1. How to create jobs, opportunity, and wealth in your community with smartphone technology.
  2. Three major technology trends you can use NOW to stimulate your tourism economy.
  3. The single greatest reason mobile tour apps fail.
  4. Tools, tips, and techniques for building your first tour.
  5. Five ways to draw your visitor into a deeper experience, and make money in the process.

This Is No Bland Book!

It is designed to be entertaining as well as informative. Written for the non-technical professional, this book is useful for:

  • Directors of Economic Development
  • Tourism Directors
  • Hotel and Restaurant Managers
  • Tourism Company Owners and Operators
  • Individual Tour Guides
  • Park Managers
  • Museum Directors
  • City Managers
  • Regional Planners
  • Anyone who wants to use mobile technology to boost tourism revenues

A Special Note from Brant Huddleston

A former IBM Global Solutions Manager, published author, and seasoned traveler.

Brant Huddleston - The Author of the book


Hello there! I’m Brant Huddleston, author of the book.

Through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned how to build mobile tours that get attention, operate smoothly, and get rave reviews. It helps that I spent 17 years with IBM, so I’ve had plenty of exposure to technology and the people who build it.

My personal philosophy is that the easier we make it for people to travel and love their experience, the better our world will be. You’ll find that philosophy at the heart of Go!Mobile… an attention to detail, a passion for quality, and a love of fun.

- Brant Huddleston