Ready to build your own mobile tour?

My FREE ebook is a complete resource that walks you through the entire process of building a mobile tour, from your first question (Why?) all the way through launch and monetization. In it, you will learn:

  • How to create jobs, opportunity, and wealth in your community with smartphone technology.
  • Three major technology trends you can use NOW to stimulate your tourism economy.
  • The single greatest reason mobile tour apps fail.
  • How to build your first tourism app: tools, tips, and techniques.
  • Five ways to draw your visitor into a deeper experience, and make money in the process.

This is no bland book— it is entertaining as well as informative. Take a peek at my Table of Contents to see the fun you will have reading it. Written for the non-technical professional, this nook is useful for: • Directors of Economic Development • Tourism Company Owners and Operators • Hotel and Restaurant Managers • Individual Tour Guides • Park Managers • Museum Directors • City Managers • Regional Planners • Anyone who wants to use mobile technology to boost tourism revenues

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