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The Five Reasons Why Tourists Love Mobile Tours

The Excitement of a Multimedia Experience

The perfect blend of audio and visual content ensures your tourists are not distracted by the device but rather have their experience enhanced by it. For example, listen how we use great audio to bring to life the spooky 19th century author Edgar Allen Poe.

The Convenience of Schedule Flexibility

Our apps give tourists the freedom to enjoy a professional tour of your attraction any time it is open, without waiting, scheduling or making reservations. Opening and closing hours are all there…right at their fingertips. Tourists just pop a pair of earbuds into their phones and go on tour…whenever they want.

Never Get Lost

A handy map is built right into the app so tourists get turn-by-turn directions from wherever they are to wherever they want to go. And our unique Augmented Reality feature helps tourists find the best local restaurants, cafés, clubs or even other tours.

Interactive Map

Keep Costs Low

Human guided tours are great, but they can be expensive. With our apps, tourists use their own mobile devices, so Go!Mobile tours are often sold for a fraction of the cost of a human guided tour, or even given away for free!

Speaks Their Language

The same tour can be offered in multiple languages. Want to experience a tour in French? Just push a button! There is no limit to how you can expand your tours so they appeal to anyone.

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Why You Will Love Go!Mobile Tours

The number of smartphone users is exploding internationally. More and more tourists are visiting your destination expecting to use their mobile phones to access useful information and make on-line transactions anytime, anywhere.

We help by providing you with a single, easy-to-use framework, called Effortix, that includes everything you need to produce professional quality mobile tour apps. We also collaborate with our clients to produce state-of-the-art smartphone tours that guide visitors through attractions just like a real tour guide would!

Effortix lets you combine any of the following elements into your Go!Mobile tour app:

About the City

Basic information about the city and its history

Interactive Map

Integrated map with points of interest, services and trips.

Points of Interest

Show tourists the beauty and history of your city.


Arrange trips for your visitors, make planning easier for them!


Restaurants, hotels, shops, bike rentals, ...


Current cultural events, sport matches, concerts and more...

Language Options

Prepare for visitors coming from overseas!

Audio Recordings

No need for equipment - have audio guides inside your app!

QR Codes

Link between the physical world and your tour.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a modern way to guide your tourists!

Integrated Websites

Information from your website, online reservations etc.

and more...

We are constantly working on new features!

Whether you use Effortix to build the tour yourself or have one of our professionals build it for you (including the content with professional copy, photos and audio recordings), the resulting Go!Mobile tour will run on both Apple's iPhone® and the Google Android® smartphones, which are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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